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Preferred Security Providers, Inc.

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We are a Fully Insured Security Company:

Our Services:

Extensions of Coverage

Assault & Battery Errors & Omissions

Contractual Liability - Limited (Excludes Sole Negligence Assumption)

Lost Key Coverage - $25,000.00 Sub-Limit

Independent Contractors

Coverage only when using insured Subcontractors

Care, Custody, & Control Extension - $100,000 Sub-Limit

Extended Property Damage (Third Party Theft)

Workers Compensation & Auto Liability

Worker's compensation policy carried in the amount of


Commercial Automotive



Safety Director

Any accidents are investigated thoroughly by our Independent Safety Director. This proactive approach has enabled us to dramatically reduce our Worker's Compensation and Automobile claims. We have also instituted a Return to Work Program and a Driver's Safety Program to help keep claim costs down and lower our insurance rates.


Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured are available upon request.

Free Security Service Evaluation

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General Aggregate


Products/Completed Operations


Personal & Advertising Injury


Each Occurrence


Fire Damage


Medical Expense


General Liability

Arrangements can be made to increase coverage amount should it be required. It is understood that contracted clients would be named on the policy.