State of Florida Agency #B2500220
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Who We Are

Preferred Security Providers, Inc. strives to protect the people and property of our clients by providing the finest security services, utilizing the degree of integrity and responsiveness and by setting the highest ethical and professional standards for quality and value for our clients, industry, and employees.

Preferred Security Providers’ innovative management practices prove our investment in long-term client relationships. Our managers maintain frequent, informative contact with clients, overseeing operations and contributing knowledge from regular management meetings.

Our uniformed Security Officers are licensed in each state in accordance with the State Division of Licensing. In addition to the current staff we constantly interview applicants in order to maintain a pool of prospective new hires for our expected company growth.

Top Priority

It is a recognized fact that training is a vital determinant in ensuring effective job performance. Therefore, training has always been of top concern and highest priority to Preferred Security Providers, Inc.


Our dispatchers working the Central Station are highly trained in the various functions of their job, from utilization of the computer and electronic equipment to alarm response procedures and public relations, 24 hours a day.

Company Value

As a client of Preferred Security Providers, Inc., not only do you receive the most professional security available today, collectively we have over a half a century experience in law enforcement, military, and in the private security industry.

Extensions of Coverage

Assault & Battery Errors & OmissionContractual Liability – Limited (Excludes Sole Negligence Assumption)

Lost Key Coverage – $25,000.00 Sub-Limit

Independent Contractors, Coverage only when using insured Subcontractors

Care, Custody, & Control Extension – $100,000 Sub-Limit

Extended Property Damage (Third Party Theft)

Safety Director

Any accidents are investigated thoroughly by our Independent Safety Director. This proactive approach has enabled us to dramatically reduce our Worker’s Compensation and Automobile claims. We have also instituted a Return to Work Program and a Driver’s Safety Program to help keep claim costs down and lower our insurance rates.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured are available upon request.

Coverage | Amount

General Aggregate | $3,000,000.00

Products/ Completed Operations Included

Personal & Advertising Injury | $1,000,000.00

Each Occurence $1,000,000.00

Fire Damage $1,00,000.00

Medical Expense $5,000.00

 Workers Compensation & Auto Liability

Worker’s compensation policy carried in the amount of $1,000,000.00

Commercial Automotive

Commercial Automotive policy carried in the amount of $1,000,000.00

General Liability

General Liability policy carried in the amount of $3,000,000.00